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Zerobounce Alternatives

In this post we cover as an alternative to Zerobounce for your email validation api needs.

Like anyone, you probably are wondering if there is an alternative to the software products you rely on each day to keep your business running optimally? If so, we understand your need to see a comparison from a couple of the top email validation api service providers. In this post we will compare Zerobounce alternatives and specifically Zerobounce vs

The main reason our users engage with our email validator is to see if the emails they have collected over the years from customers, newsletter subscribers, or other marketing and promotional activities are still active and deliverable. There are other reasons, but their main objective is to know if the email will be delivered accurately or not.

Let’s start then with “Results Accuracy” of Zerobounce vs

In this analysis we will keep the main thing, the main thing and discover what the SMTP delivery status is for the same 100 emails validated. We passed the same 100 emails through both email validation software products and guess what…? Both had the same results for SMTP deliverability. Take into account that we used disposable emails (like ProtonMail), we used gmail accounts, catch all accounts and even some Hotmail and Yahoo accounts to go back in time a bit… Out of 100 emails validated, both flagged the same emails that were not deliverable and the same emails that WERE deliverable. Regardless of accuracy claims of 99% accuracy, both of these email validation platforms flagged 100% of the emails the same regarding deliverability. Not bad! Please see in-app image below from cleaning an only email list. It’s unsettling how many invalid emails were in this list of over 45 thousand emails.


How about customer care?

It’s nice to know that you are being taken care of when you are using any email validating product. When we reviewed Zerobounce vs it was clear from the website that Zerobounce has more coverage than for on demand needs. Zerobounce claims to have 24/7/365 coverage for customer support. Testing their live chat confirms that after the string of automated chatbot activities, Cosmin is there to greet you and field questions. Zerobounce also has great online reviews. 4.5 and greater and 8.5 or greater on almost all the software review sites. MailValidation has almost no online reviews and no live chat. Admittedly, we have a very low touch “on-demand” support model. We handle all inquiries through email and call follow-ups. That said, in almost 4 years in business, we’ve only received about 5 messages a month and our SLA is 4 hours or less to reply and 8 hours to resolve any issues. We prefer a low touch model to keep staffing costs down, and thus pricing low for our users. If you need obsessive, on-demand support then Zerobounce is the better choice here. However, if you are focused on keeping costs low and an insanely good api that really doesn’t need much, if any support, then you have options with

Let’s have a look at Zerobounce vs integration options.

Both have a robust API that your engineering team can work into most any conceivable integration scenario. However, if you are looking for native integrations, then you have to go with Zerobounce. They advertise 40+ native integrations offering email validation for HubSpot, and Zoho email validation too. If you need a native integration to accomplish your needs, go with Zerobounce at this moment in time. However, if you prefer using an API integration, which is what 95% of our customer base uses, then we have you covered. Many of our users take advantage of our API with HubSpot, Zoho, and many other software platforms.

How does pricing compare for Zerobounce alternatives such as

Glad you asked, and maybe we should have listed this 1st… We will be open and honest here. The vast majority of our user base is in the 10K – 20K emails/month consumption space. 

  • is $45 USD for 10K emails and $80 USD for 20,000 email validations a month. 
  • Zerobounce is $65 USD for 10K emails and $135 USD for 20,000 email validator credits a month. 


It is clear from this data that you have options for more integrations and more coverage for on demand support with Zerobounce. However, for API support, and pricing you certainly have an alternative to Zerobounce with what you’ve read above. Again, Zerobounce is a magnificent product and if you need one of the most robust offerings for email validation available, you have a great option going with them. Should you be more focused on pricing and an API to deliver your results, then you have a great Zerobounce alternative. is used by 1000’s of developers, marketers and business owners worldwide.


Comparison as of March 2023

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