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How do I get my email validation api key?

How to get your email validation api key

Once you have created a new account with you simply access your Profile page and scroll down to the bottom where you will see API Key. You can generate one or more, they will be nested here. 

email validation api key

Remember, you will only be shown your email validation api key one time. You will have a banner at the top of your screen stating “API Key created. Your key is: tR8OIiEc.iwAjxcfhtAeZH0gVZUN5Ne6cMSmrXtTLs. Save this somewhere safe – you will only see it once!” Naturally, the api key in this text is not your api key, you will have your own unique api key. 

Should you have questions on getting your email validation api key, please contact us for a speedy solution. 


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