email validation tools

Real Time Email Validation

Do you want fake emails to never make it into your email distribution list? Well good news. is the tool you need for email validation… and you’ve already used it if you tried to sign up for an account with our service. If you haven’t tried it, go ahead and sign up for an account with an email address you know doesn’t work. It won’t let you create an account, because we cut off spam emails or bogus email address signups before they ever gets through. Our email validation system keeps them out. POW!~

There are some pretty huge advantages to having emails validated in real time. Users, fake customers or any other person (or bot), tries to use an email to gain access, or any other reason, they get shut down. You stop these fake emails from getting into your system, and you have a cleaner email list as a result. This allows your delivery to be better, your costs to decrease because you aren’t paying for storage You also get data that is more accurate, because there are no more false orders, signups, trials or any other nonsense that distract you from running your business.


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